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Multi PDF Splitter 2.1

Multi PDF Splitter can quickly split multiple PDF files into single PDF pages
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Multi PDF Splitter is a batch split utility that can extract pages from any number of PDF documents and save them as individual PDF files. The program’s interface and the extraction process are both as simple and straightforward as the functionality it offers.

No output settings are provided, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Those users looking for the simplest way of splitting large and numerous PDF files into pages will see the program’s simplicity as a clear advantage, especially if you are interested in keeping each and every page of a given set of documents. However, those who require extracting specific pages or specific page ranges will see this lack of configurable output options as a serious drawback. There is no way of selecting a page or a set of pages for extraction, as there is no way of changing the output format (to save individual pages as images, for instance) or modifying the output quality of the PDF pages, which will retain the same level of quality of the original file.

Multi PDF Splitter does perform its page extraction tasks in a simple, fast, and efficient way – it may be a very simple tool for a very simple task, but at least it delivers what it promises.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Batch split support
  • Simple interface matching its straightforward functionality


  • Splits your PDF files into pages only
  • Total lack of cutting parameters
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